¿Cómo se hace una apuesta en los dados?

pregunta por Calfan : ¿Cómo se coloca una apuesta en los dados
Me voy a Las Vegas, y necesito saber como realizar apuestas en los dados. Conozco todas las reglas (He jugado en el equipo), pero nunca me he atrevido a jugar en la vida real porque se ve tan compleja. ¿Cómo sabes si desea colocar la apuesta sí mismo o pedir al distribuidor para colocar por usted? Y cuando se puede llegar a sus fichas si ganas, y que acaba de poner sus fichas en una nueva apuesta? ¿Hay una regla general a seguir? ¿O simplemente hacer una apuesta sin decir nada y le pedimos disculpas si te gritan? Mejor respuesta:

Respuesta por zman492
Potsie es cierto que el distribuidor estará encantado de ayudarle si usted no está seguro.Para ser más específicos, las apuestas en la mitad de la composición (que se muestra enhttp://www.crapsprofessional.com/craps-layout-two.html)son manejados por el stickman. Usted recibe su atención, le dice lo que quiere, y poner las fichas sobre la mesa para que se pusiera puesto en el diseño.El distribuidor (la persona al lado del boxman, la única persona sentada en la mesa) pone las fichas en el diseño de su lugar, comprar, colocar apuestas y probabilidades de venir o no vienen las apuestas. (En la presentación dehttp://www.crapsprofessional.com/craps-layout.htmlque es el área por encima de la zona de “ven” y derecha de la zona de “no vienen”.)El resto de apuestas se coloca directamente en el diseño mismo.Sugerencia:Si usted puede encontrar una mesa de dados casi vacío (por lo general no dura aroung 08:00-10 a.m.) los concesionarios estarán encantados de pasar mucho tiempo ayudando a salir. No se necesita mucho tiempo para conseguir la caída de ella.

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  • mispipik5000 July 27, 2013, 3:40 pm

    potsie is wrong ergo zman is wrong. ergo you are wrong in stating you know the rules. instead of making a passline bet you may make a bet called a place bet. make a place bet on the 6 and the shooter only has to roll it once and you win. and you win more money if you bet the proper amount. you lose more money if you make a place bet other than on the 6 or 8. LOOK IT UP!!!!

  • Zippy July 27, 2013, 3:51 pm

    The only bet you make yourself is the pass don’t pass and odds on these. Come bets you place your chip in the come box and Announce come bet please always say please it will be in your best interest. For all place bets and Buys you place your chips in the come box an say 6 or whatever # you want and say place 6 please for all hard way bets toss the money slowly to the stick man and yell loud Hard 10 or whichever you wish to play he is always busy so you have to announce it so he can hear it and so the box manger can to in case the stick-man misses it. it is important for me say hear that you can tip the dealers play playing chips for them for example you can toss the stick a 5 dollar chip and a 1 dollar chip on the hard way and say two way and the know to place the 1 Dollar for the crew if it wins the crew gets a nine dollar tip. its realy quite simple watch the game for a min b/4 you play you will be fine and when in doubt ask the dealer

  • triton2toro July 27, 2013, 3:58 pm

    Generally speaking, you place your own bets only on the Passline and the odds behind it (or Don’t Passline and its odds), the Big 6 and 8 (don’t ever play that – it’s a sucker bet), Come bets, and the Field bets. Pretty much everything else has to be placed by the dealers- Placed numbers and any Prop Bet ( hard ways, horn bets, etc.).

    Any bet you make that the dealers place for you, you have to lay on the table. For example, let’s say you want to put $ 5 on the Hard 6. You have to toss the chip towards the “Stickman” (the guy in charge of prop bets)- don’t worry although it seems rude, it’s not. You also have to call out your bet. If you don’t or the stickman doesn’t hear you, he’ll ask who the money belongs to and what the bet is.

    For the most part, the dealers are there to help you out. If you don’t know what bet to make or how, they will usually steer you in the right direction. However, if a table gets hot, there will be a lot action and bets will be all over the table. So if you are not assertive, your bet may be missed. Be sure to tell them exactly what you want and make sure they acknowledge it.

    Finally, there is table etiquette. Crap players are VERY superstitious. The one thing you may get yelled at is if you have your hands out while the dice are being thrown. If you are not paying attention and your hands are out while the dice are being thrown -watch out! If those dice come anywhere near your hands and sevens out- you’ll have to endure the dirty looks and grumbles of a bunch of angry people.

    Here’s one final tip- ALWAYS throw the dice. You can pass it to the next person if you like, but I’ve heard too many stories about people placing bets for the shooter. For example, once my father was shooting the dice and some guy came in and placed $ 300 on a threeway hard 6 ($ 100 for him, $ 100 for the dealers, and $ 100 for the shooter). Basically, if my dad was able to hit the hard 6 (which pays 9 to 1) he would have gotten a free $ 900. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to hit it. My sister last weekend went on a tear on one roll and ended up getting $ 150 in tips from other players. Just remember, no matter what you feel like, always roll the dice.

    Have fun and good luck!

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